British woman hilariously trolls Indian scammer begging for money and "bob pics"

So, this is as real as the 'show bobs and vagene' memes can get...

Facebook has many a hidden treasures and one of them just happens to be the filtered messages on Messenger, especially if you happen to be a woman. Females attract a lot of uninvited and mostly, unsophisticated attention on social media. We often hear stories women complaining about indecent trolls on the web and how much it bothers them to read messages like ‘show bob’ or worse, stare at a dick pic. Recently, a woman happened to encounter a similar kind of troll and she came up with the best way to deal with it.

The woman found the man just casually sliding into her DMs and instead of ignoring him, she decided to take her revenge. The man, who is named Anil Khullar, is from West Bengal in India and he is the very definition of the ‘show bobs and vagene’ memes. But he wasn’t just another cheap troll. He was a cheap troll plus a scammer all in one person. The woman handled him like a pro and after having taken her sweet, sweet revenge, she posted the screenshots online for the rest of us to enjoy.

Read on the hilarious conversation between the two below:

1. Whatta wow conversation starter!

2. Hi, Anal from Anus, this is Oral from Mouth.

3. Oh man! You’re so forward… 

4. What else can a woman ever need besides the sweet sound of him wanting to “love and sex u”

5. Aaaaand, now he’s laid all his cards on the table

6. Fancy the eloquence of this woman…

7. OMG! His “mitie cock”?! This stuff is getting good

8. Oh and here’s the meme, live it…

9. I’ll take a Mohammed and a Bernard pic, please

10. “Clap clinics”? BRB. Dying 

11. Oooooh! He’s whipped already

12. SO freaking whipped

13. Okay, now he’s just kissing butt

14. It’s kinda embarrassing to look at now

15. OMG! Is he gonna do it?

16. IS HE?!

17. Oh boy, he did done it!

18. Okay, Miss. Your move.

19. The anticipation is killing me

20. Wait for it…

21. Goddamn! This is da stuff! XD

22. And the plot has unravelled

23. “I good man an honest man”

24. And, here’s his last ditch effort to leave with SOME pride…

Damn! Who needs TV when you have this stuff, right?

(source: BoredPanda)

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