Best boss ever? CEO walks bride down the aisle after homophobic father refuses to attend wedding

Taiwan may not have legalised same-sex marriage yet, but the country has some of the most organised and vocal LGBTQ right groups which hold pride parades often enough. But then does that automatically imply that society as a whole has stopped being homophobic? As this gorgeous video from HSBC Taiwan shows, the answer to that is a big fat nope.

But what it also shows is that at least there are still plenty of people around who put human values above their prejudices. What someone’s sexual orientation has to do with society baffles quite a few of us, but then that’s a debate for another day. This video takes us through some moments of Jennifer’s ceremonial wedding and explains her trials with coming to terms with her own sexuality and with dealing with familial discord. The rift at home is such that Jen’s parents completely refuse to acknowledge Sam, her partner. After her father’s firm refusal to be a part of her special day, it was Jen’s boss – the CEO and President of HSBC Taiwan – who came to her aide.

The rest as they say is history. A very sweet one at that. With 211,766 views and counting, the video has officially gone viral.

Key takeaway: from time to time, do check your inner homophobe. Ensure it isn’t showing.