Bengaluru Watchman Turns Artist Thanks To The Efforts Of This Reddit User

Puia's notebook had a photo-realistic image of a model featured in a newspaper.

Sometimes, the Internet can be a lovely place. Puia, who hails from Mizoram, was working as a watchman at the construction site of Chickpet Metro Station in Bengaluru when netizens found a job more suitable for his talents.

Reddit user, mew767 took to his account to share Puia’s story and not surprisingly, it has gone viral. The Reddit user and his colleagues were commissioned to make murals at the metro station and while they were working, they met Puia. Sitting in a corner, he was sketching something in his notebook.

Seeing them, he hid his notebook but after they insisted, he relented. His artwork left them stunned. Puia’s notebook had a photo-realistic image of a model featured in a newspaper. The group asked him to join them and assist them in drawing on the walls of the metro. But as Puia was more into sketching, they asked him to draw people he saw around.

Almost a year later, Puia is now working on the Bengaluru Karaga mural and is planning to leave his watchman job and work full time as an artist.

Puia shifted to Bengaluru around six years ago without even having the slightest idea of pursuing art. “I now want to practise art here. My parents are extremely happy. Whatever I earn from these works, I am sending it home,” says the young artist in a conversation with The Hindu.

Users on Reddit are quite impressed with his story and have decided to help him.

This what he exactly wants.