Baby born mid-air! Turkish Airlines' crew gets together to help a woman give birth at 42,000 ft

Soon after the Turkish Airlines crew figured that the woman was suffering from labour pain, they assisted in her delivery. Here's what happened

In what can be termed as an absolutely thrilling incident, flight attendants who are usually present in the flight to assist with tea, coffee or basically make sure that the passengers have a pleasant experience had to deal with a rather unprecedented situation when 28 weeks pregnant woman went into the labour mid-air.

Soon after the flight crew realised that Nafi Diaby was suffering from childbirth pains, they immediately went on to assist her to deliver the baby. Some of the passengers in the flight also lent a hand and helped the flight attendants in delivering the new born. Nafi went into labour soon after the flight took off from Guinea’s capital Conakry to Istanbul via Ouagadougou.

The baby girl was named as Kadiju. The Turkish Airlines issued a statement while praising the efforts the airline crew and shared some delightful pictures on the social media.

According to reports, both the mother and the child were rushed to the hospital after the flight landed the Burkina Faso capital.

“The cabin crew noticed that a woman passenger named Nafi Diaby, [who was] 28 weeks into her pregnancy, was suffering childbirth pains. They promptly responded to assist her childbirth during the flight.” BBC quoted Turkish Airlines as saying.

“After the smooth landing of Boeing B737-900 type aircraft to the Ouagadougou airport, the mother Nafi Diaby and her new-born baby girl were taken to the hospital in order to be kept under observation for a while,” the airlines stated.

Either ways, the baby girl is sure going to have an interesting tale to tell.