At An Andhra Shop, People Buy Clothes While Cow Sits Around & Chills

The owner says his business has since quadrupled

At a cloth shop in Mydukur, Andhra Pradesh a stray cow chills under the fan while customers shop for clothes. The cow started visiting the cloth showroom during a hot summer six months ago. Though the shop owner tried to push it out, the cow just wouldn’t leave.

Since then, the cow has visited every day to sit for 2-3 hours under the fan but leaves if the fan is switched off.

Shop owner Polimera Obayya told Deccan Herald,

“It comes every day and sits under the fan. But if we shut off the fan, it simply walks away. It has never troubled any customer, urinated or soiled the white mattress that covers the floor. It relieves itself only after leaving the store.”

Women reportedly prefer to visit the showroom and offer food, turmeric & vermillion to the cow. The owner says his business has since quadrupled.