Are women more intelligent than men? This comedian has the answer [Watch Video]

Forget the Marvel Avengers' storyline, the battle of the sexes is the real infinity war.

Ever since the men and women came into being, so did the inevitable competitiveness between them. Over time, both the genders tried to establish themselves as the smarter, the better sex but, nobody seems to ever win in this game. While either sex thinks that they are clearly the more evolved ones, comedian Amit Tandon has a different outlook. Tandon seems to believe that women are actually more intelligent than men. Baffled? He backs his statement with substantial reasoning so, pay attention.

Take the arguments between men and women for instance. First of all, no matter how hard men try, they just cannot seem to win in a verbal one-on-one against women. Tandon says “I have realised, arguing with a lady is like a boxing match between Mary Kom and a punching bag. And when you’re a punching bag you can’t attack, you can’t defend, you can’t even get knocked out.” He adds,”You just stay there and take the punches.”

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However, it’s not like men are not putting up a fight. According to Tandon, they both play their games but, as he says, “The difference is that a woman is playing Chess, so she thinks 15 moves ahead. A man is just playing Ludo.” Tandon’s belief that women are smarter is not unfounded. He blames it on the form of upbringing in India. Saying that “men in India are stupid,” Tandon says that while men are brought up with zero expectations, women have a lot to accomplish to prove their worth, which, results in women being smarter than men.

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You may not agree but it is still pretty hilarious. Here is the full video:

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