Americans losing their minds over Indian TV serials is the best thing on the internet today

Indian TV serials are crazy, there's no doubt about it, but what do Americans have to say about these over-the-top saas-bahu dramas?

While the rest of the world comes up with innovative, awe-inspiring plot-lines for their TV shows, Hindi serials seem to be singing the same tune that they have been for decades. Aside from the fact that they all end up being nothing more than saas-bahu dramas in the end, the depiction of the story is no less cringe-y. From the endless zoom-ins when anything terrible happens to the catty background score every time a vamp enters, Hindi TV serials excel in their own artistic genre- over-dramatic. But we are used to all those swift camera pans or the shattering screens by now. Sadly, everyone from the rest of the world is not. (Or is that a good thing?)

In a video posted on Facebook, Americans watched a bunch of Indian TV shows and gave out their honest feedback. Remember how, even after a 20-year time leap, the bahu’s wrinkle-free face sports those sideburns slightly coated with the cheapest white colour to make her look old? Or how the hero keeps reincarnating despite having been cremated?


Well, now they have seen all of our incredible creations. And their feedback was not gentle.

1) This woman had the right idea going in…

2) Seriously though, is it? 

3) Honestly feels like somebody has serious OCD and if they don’t use every dramatic frame three times, the world will explode…

4) Hey! Nobody talks smack about my Gopi bahu! She was just trying to clean the laptop, a’ight?

5) TBH, it actually does get kinda funny.

6) Me too, gurl… Me too…

Watch the full video of Americans tearing down our beloved shows below:

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