All Of Us Need To Listen To This Guy Talking About Indian Tourists Abroad

"This is not your backyard, you don't own this place. This is not your hall."

Television actor Siddhant Karnick visited Bhutan in July and posted a video on Facebook about his experience of coming across Indian tourists. In the video which has since gone viral, Karnick advises Indian tourists to not make foreign destinations their living room.

“All tourists wherever you go, if it’s a peaceful place — I can understand a mall but if it’s a peaceful place — be peaceful. Don’t be yelling and screaming and breaking the tranquillity for others. This is not your backyard, you don’t own this place. This is not your hall. Don’t scream around and ruin a peaceful, tranquil place. Come on Indian tourists! Learn! We’re ambassadors of our own country. If people see us behaving like this, what will they think of us?”

He also asked Indian tourists visiting abroad to not make those places their “Bhindi Bazaar”

“The Indian tourists are loud, they think this country belongs to them. I mean, look at the amount of respect the Bhutanese have for us Indians. They treat us like a big brother. And then we do such things here. Every touristy place we went to was filled with Indian tourists, which is good, but don’t bring your Bhindi Bazaar over here yaar. In the shrines, kids are running around, their mothers are screaming after them. It’s not done! Either keep your kids under control or teach them to be quiet. And first, learn to be quiet yourself.”

Recently, a video of hotel staff catching Indian tourists stealing commodities from their hotel room in Bali, Indonesia also sparked outrage on social media.