Ain't No Cinderella: Women on Twitter say no to victim blaming, yes to freedom

Women have come together on social media and have been posting photographs challenging everyone who thinks women should stay indoors at night.

After an IAS officer’s daughter, Varnika Kundu, was allegedly followed and harassed by Haryana BJP state chief’s son, Haryana BJP Deputy President Ramveer Bhatti blamed the woman for being out so late in the night. As a sign of a protest against the ‘skewed societal norms’ and the usual victim blaming which starts after every such incident, women have taken to social media. Challenging the notion that women need to tamed or be careful, instead of teaching men not to rape/ molest/ sexually harass or assault a woman.

Women are posting photographs of themselves roaming out in the night using the hashtag AintNoCindrella.

For those who’re not aware of the case, Varnika Kundu was allegedly stalked by Vikas Barala and one of his friends. Apparently, it was an attempt to kidnap the woman which failed as Varnika recounts her experience saying that she ‘feels lucky for not have been raped’ and murdered, as per reports.

Women, all over India, have come together through the virtual medium of social media and have been posting photographs challenging all those who think women should not venture out at night for their own safety. Taking help of the example of Cindrella, women have quite aptly used the #AintNoCindrella.

Here are some of the tweets.


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Exactly, the last tweet sums it up quite perfectly: ‘Women are here to rise’.