A teenaged boy and a disabled father: The real story behind the viral Durgesh memes

A viral Facebook post narrates the real story behind the Durgesh and Sanjay memes and it is disturbing how the pictures were turned into a mockery.

If you have been following active on social media of late, you would have encountered a bunch of Durgesh memes. The screenshots of an Instagram post, apparently from a boy named Sanjay with a man named Durgesh, have recently been doing the rounds on the internet. The seemingly benign pictures were mocked with silly captions in place telling the story of how a young boy was catfished for a date by Durgesh.

The absurd posts on the Instagram account @sanjayyy_kapoor quickly attracted attention online. The parody account gained followers as people took screenshots and shared them on other social media platforms. The posts became an instant hit and some people even shake things up a bit by making memes on the “catfisher” Durgesh.

However, the original story is very different from this short tale of catfishing. A Facebook post by one Sudhanshu Pandey, who is a relative of the Durgesh, narrates the real story behind the Durgesh and Sanjay memes and it is disturbing how the pictures turned into a mockery. According to the post, which was uploaded on October 28, the people in the memes are Durgesh, a 16-year-old boy, and his father, 51-year-old Sanjay, who is physically disabled. Apart from confusing the names of the two persons, the meme has been dangerously insensitive to Sanjay, who has had two brain surgeries, portraying him as the creepy man named “Durgesh”.

Sudhanshu claims that someone lifted the photos off of Durgesh’s public Instagram account, creating a parody version which went viral. While the family has not been able to find out the perpetrator behind this, they do not appreciate the cyber harassment. Here is the Facebook post:

Sudhanshu told InUth that when he told Durgesh about the memes, he couldn’t process it. “He was numb for 10 seconds,” he said. Durgesh’s father Sanjay still has no idea about the memes as the family worries he wouldn’t take it well given that he has had neurological treatment in the recent past.

The family has not contacted the police to report the cyberbullying, but the memes are not welcome by them. Sudhanshu says that he has nothing against the people who shared the memes in ignorance, but he has pleaded with others to stop now and end the mental harassment for a family that has already been through enough.

We only hope that the family manages to catch hold of the person responsible behind the meme and like responsible netizens, people wouldn’t relish these insensitive Durgesh memes anymore.

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