8 Times Indian Billboards Were Unintentionally Funny

Our billboards show that we need not crack a joke in order to be funny.

English is a funny language. Especially when it is slaughtered beyond comprehension.

So without much ado, here are 8 times Indian billboards showed us that you need not crack a joke in order to be funny.

1. Why should girls have all the fun? Hum lardkon ka bhi bridal makeup karengey!men's bridal look

2. Swap your card, because someone else might have a bigger credit limit!

3. Howrah station just got creative with their Swacch Bharat Abhiyan. Hero bolega toh shayad samaj mein aa jaye ki –KEEP INDIA CLEAN!

howrah-train-film-poster_Platform poster

platform_swach bharat

4. Because a child beer is all we need!

5. Yeah, because it is allowed on all the other roads. Just not here.

road sign accident

6. Well, they do have a point. Just some wrong placement here.


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7.  Because ‘children cutting’ is definitely a rare service!


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8. Certainly, no fun losing your face while on the road (or anywhere else for that matter).


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Compiled by–Rukmani Bakshi