7 people who had the creepiest experiences during the night shift at work

As annoying as it might be for some to bear through work hours during the day, the workplace gets even creepier during night shifts.

Okay, let’s settle one thing first… Offices suck for most people. Maybe not for one of those driven people who are doing something they were always passionate about, but for other people (looks at self) who have yet to find their true calling. So, for them, a workplace is basically a nightmare. But, that is nothing compared to how dreadful offices can be during a graveyard shift, or as we know it, the night shift.

While we toil our way through the night, the dead silence, the darkness, and the sheer absence anything remotely joyful makes the office look a hundred times scarier. Now, imagine if you had to have a creepy encounter while you were on a night shift. Hurts to even think about it, doesn’t it? Well, pray you never have to see that day when you’re alone at the office after lights out and you hear a creepy sound from the desk next to yours.

It might not have happened to you (yet) but it has happened to a lot of people apparently. People on Reddit held a discussion about the creepiest experiences they had during their graveyard shifts and it is frightening, to say the least:

1. Maybe it was an insect flying? A technical glitch? Or… Or.. Or…

2. Seriously, just who was this guy?  

3. Don’t know about you, but I definitely would have peed my pants there… Who watches scary movies by themselves anyway?!

4. Okay, shit just got from regular to super freaking creepy real fast…

5. Maybe he was trying to break out of prison?

6. Well, that is just inappropriate! Poor kids…

7. All other stories aside, this one definitely takes the cake…

Creepy as hell, right? Well, if you have ever had any such experiences, do feel free to comment them below. ‘Cause it may feel like you are alone in the moment, but we feel ya…

(source: Reddit)

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