7 annoying things people do in movie theatres and we bet you've experienced them all

Why can't people behave decently in movie theatres? The Internet narrates the weirdest situations they encounter in the picture halls

We all love Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu et al, but what we really love and can’t get over is the joy that comes from going to the movie theatres. No matter the inflation in box-office prices and the mind-blowing, through-the-roof movie ticket prices, we all hold a special spot for theatres and we can’t really get over that happy feeling of watching a movie on the 70 mm screen. Theatre romantics would understand the warm fuzzy feeling they get when they get the opportunity to enjoy a motion picture in the comfort of a movie hall.

Everyone is also particular about the type of seat they require, the row and the spot from the aisle and some people are so particular about the remnants of the previous show’s popcorn on their seats.

In this Quora post titled What is the most annoying thing for you in movie theatres? the people have spoken of the worst things that irritate them during a movie.

Here are top 7 things that are most annoying:

  1. Inappropriate use of electronic devices during the film: Who are these people who have to attend urgent calls during the run of the film? 
  2. People talking to each other during the film: This one can get on your nerves, especially after you have given repeated warnings to the chatterboxes. 
  3. Laughing (at the wrong time): Indian theatres are full of people who would laugh at just about anything. 
  4. Showing up to superhero movies in costumes: I mean, is it Halloween? And even if it is, why are we celebrating it in the movie hall?
  5. Bringing months-old babies and toddlers: Okay, who gave them this idea that kids would like a little excursion to the theatres?
  6. Watching the anti smoking ad: The beginning of every movie is going to be enough to make you vomit, especially after you see that guy in the ad and the beautiful interiors of his tobacco-filled mouth. What a lovely picture.
  7. The loud eaters: We get that you are hungry but do you have to eat that loudly?

So who is most annoying thing you have witnessed in the movie theatre?

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