7 confessions on Reddit that show us why sex education is important

Why these ridiculous questions asked by people in Sex Education classes is a sign that we still don't teach kids enough

As a teenager, most boys and girls have countless questions regarding one thing. The taboo word, the subject that is off-limits: Sex. And while we may take it casually, here is a prime example of what happens when children do not have enough knowledge about this topic and come up with the most ludicrous of ideas. One Reddit thread decided to tread on dangerous waters as it posed the question of What’s the best thing someone’s asked in sex-ed classes?

And the question was met with Reddit users sharing their personal experiences of how they had asked dumb questions during their primary school years or how they had heard other kids ask the weirdest queries during their compulsory Sex Education classes (do not worry India we don’t need to worry about what that is).

Most children just take Sex Education class as a big joke, with girls looking embarrassed and boys jeering at sexual innuendos. I mean can we grow up and talk about sex like it is a normal thing and crush all that taboo attached to it?


One iconic example is when a teacher was asked: “Is penis size hereditary?” When she said no the kid who put it in, jumped up screaming, “Thank god!” The look on our teacher’s face was priceless.


Here are 7 confessions that were real eye-openers:











Not everything will make you pregnant kiddo


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You get the point, right? These are children who are nearing puberty or undergoing the hormonal changes that are going to change their life as they know it, so having questions in your head is but natural. But we cannot miss the naive way in which children handle sex-ed classes and how it is quite difficult to move past the barrier of awkwardness and head over to awareness island.

How many of you can actually take a sex-ed quiz and get all the answers right? You may say what they don’t know would never hurt them but then what they don’t know is equally capable of hurting them.

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