You need to watch this anchor's superb response to a toddler playing on his desk on live TV

This one toddler decided to explore a news studio and picked a spot right on the newsreader's desk to begin

What is one of the first things that every news reader is taught? It is perhaps to keep a firm composure and deliver the news without even flinching, no matter what happens. You could be in pain, or hoping to catch that pee break or getting annoyed by the constant distractions of that one fidgety person behind the camera or there may be a certain toddler wreaking havoc on your news desk, you can’t afford to break into a giggle or worse, laugh out loud. And this is exactly what happened when the ITV News presenter Alastair Stewart was faced with such a predicament. He invited Lucy Wronka to speak on his show to ‘discuss the new guidelines on testing for milk allergies in babies’ but what he did not see coming were her two toddlers who were in no mood to sit quietly. Mrs. Wronka was busy listing the health issues her son George had been facing because of the dairy products when his little sister, two-year-old Iris, decided to take a stroll and explore the studio. One moment she was there and the next she was climbing up the news anchor’s desk, all the while smiling away blissfully.

Alastair tried but couldn’t help but let out a small chuckle, but then he was back on track, regaining his lost composure as he continued with the interview even as Little Iris turned his desk into her throne.

You can watch the video of her antics here:

The veteran British anchor took to Twitter

And the mother of two had the perfect response ready:

Thank you for your kind words and being so understanding! So pleased we were able to talk about this issue and get its profile raised

— Lucy Wronka (@lucywronka)

And the inevitable happened, Twitter pitched in to compliment the anchor for patiently handling the kids, because we all know how annoying toddlers can be (no offense).

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And others were just smitten with Iris’ comic genius

As the adventurous interview came to an end, the good-natured news anchor shook hands with George and gave Iris a high-five who was now happily mounted on top of the table.

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