11 things that women are tired of hearing because sexist coworkers are the norm

Sexism is so starkly evident at the workplace but we still don't do anything about it because um, patriarchy?

“Let a man handle it.” A man is supposed to bring in the bread, work hard for that even. If a woman does the same work she is told that she is doing it only for the “sake of working”. Men are here to make a career, women are too busy frolicking between loo breaks and gossip sessions. They don’t belong in an office. For them, work is the quickest way to earn those extra bucks for buying expensive shoes. And then there are stereotypes of that “this is a man’s job” because surely a woman can’t handle a hardware job, or handle a straight out tech position or worse, if she dares to dream of a leadership position, what nonsense are you saying! “Find a husband to settle down with and have children to relieve… work-related stress.”

“Find a husband to settle down with and have children to relieve… work-related stress.”

Are your nostrils flaring as you read this? Do you find it as outrageous? Of course, it is, but it is not as outrageous as the constant need for a boss or manager figure who feels it is important to show a woman “her place” in the pyramid of hierarchy. Because how can “she” answer back or worse how can she have an “opinion”?! Dear Lord, what has the world come to.

Gender discrimination is so evident in our lives that we have become attuned to it. A striking masterpiece is our workplace where you get to observe these daily doses of sexism.

Quora lists the most obnoxious things heard at the workplace:

1.Being pretty will get you things

2. Thinking of starting a family, no they won’t be understanding 

3. Basically, same

4. When being a woman is considered a certain type of a behaviour that you will exhibit

5. When they won’t trust your skills within or outside of work, ‘coz how can you drive woman?

6. Because what you do best is making notes at a meeting. And you thought you were important?

7. Being a mother will be considered as a disadvantage

8. When they won’t believe your degrees and trust their stereotypes

9. Because women have just one agenda: being a FEMINAZI

10. You will be on a vacation if you take time off for having a baby

11. And weight gain is a big no-no

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The one big problem with this world is sexism. But why are we even talking about it still? Women should be used to sexism by now.

Until then let women weep under their office desks.

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