10 tweets in response to Rahul Gandhi's 'Gabbar Singh Tax' that will leave you in splits

After Rahul Gandhi called it ' Gabbar Singh Tax' at a rally in Ahmedabad, people on Twitter came up with their own full forms of GST. Take a look.

The buzz around government’s Goods and Services Tax (GST) just refuses to die. After Rahul Gandhi called it ‘ Gabbar Singh Tax’ at a rally in Ahmedabad, someone on Twitter did not let such great opportunity go out of their hands and asked people ‘the full form of GST’. And people lapped up yet another chance to have fun and not a single tweet on the thread mentions the actual full form of GST. But we picked up 10 of the funniest and most witty tweets from the thread.  The first one to tweet on the thread was former Jammu Kashmir Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah according to whom the full form of GST goes something like ‘Greatly Screwed-up Tax’. Oops!

Full forms of GST given by people on Twitter is nothing less than sarcasm mixed with humour because that’s the best way to deal with something you don’t like. Twitter surely has that talent. *winks*