Shahid Kapoor Posed With A Hammer and Twitterati Hailed Him As Thor

It has been over a month since Avengers: Infinity War released, but fans still can’t get over it. What now you ask? So, Shahid Kapoor recently posted his workout image on Instagram with a hammer in his hand and in no time Twitteratti transformed him into Thor.

In case you walked in late to the party, Thor, in the Marvel universe, is the God of Thunder and hails from Asgard. He used the hammer Mjolnir to channel his powers. However, when Thor’s hammer was destroyed, he got a bigger war-axe called the Stormbreaker.

These memes are actually marvelous, check out

1. “Kidar Hai Thanos”

2. Shahid Kapoor, what do you think?

3. Badass

4. A perfect Indian Thor

That’s not all…

5. The entire list is here

6. Some extra names

7. True.