Watch: NASA's trip down the memory lane is a teary-eyed goodbye to 2016!

Scientists at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston have selected top 16 images of the Earth captured from the ISS in 2016

The year 2016 is coming to an end and everyone is looking back on the incredible journey that the year has been. While most of us take the easy route and dwell into the decisions and experiences that have shaped us through the year, NASA has taken a high-road to celebrate its journey.

Instead of going for a private party like most of do, the American space agency NASA has decided to share its beautiful memories with the world.

As you all know that astronauts on board the International Space Station (ISS) chronicle their stay in space by capturing beautiful images from their vantage point. These images not only capture the most picturesque imagery of the space but also give us deep insights into the lives of the astronauts. By the end of a year, all these images add up to thousands of photos.

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Scientists at the Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, United States pored through this year’s crop to pick their top 16 photos of Earth for the year 2016. The collection shows the Earth in shades and patterns like you have never seen before. From a sunset over the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean to thunderstorms over the Philippine Sea, from Dubai to Aurora Australis, the images seem ethereal.

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Goodbyes are the hardest part of any journey. But a goodbye as stunning as this one gives you bittersweet memories and leaves you nostalgic.  Remember goodbyes aren’t forever!