Pink Moon will light up the night tonight, but don't be fooled by its name

There's something special about the moon tonight!

Stargazers, behold! You are about to witness yet another stellar event this month. After taking a close peek at the Jupiter last week, it’s time that you set your eyes on to the ‘Pink Moon’ (yes, that’s right), which arrives tonight!

But don’t be fooled by its name as the moon will not actually appear pink in colour (confused?). Pink Moon gets its name from the pink wildflower called Wild Ground Phlox (or pink moss) that bloom in the spring throughout the United States and Canada. The Pink Moon is also called the Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon and the Fish Moon in other parts of the world. (so, does this mean that the moon will look like the fish? No, probably not!)

On the other hand, it’s called the Hunter’s Moon in the southern hemisphere where it is autumn now.

While you won’t get to see a pink moon (literally!) or a moon that looks like a fish, what you will get to see is a big and bright full moon, which will be on the opposite side of the earth as the sun. It will be visible at 0608 GMT (around 11:40 PM in India).

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But that’s not it as the Pink Moon is followed by a number of festivities across the globe. While the Sunday after the Pink Moon marks the Easter, the day also marks the beginning of Jewish Passover. In Hinduism, the day is dedicated to the monkey lord Hanuman and is observed as Hanuman Jayanti.