No bottle, just a 'bubble'. This edible water container may solve our plastic crisis

Now you can eat your water bottle, all thanks to Ooho!

Plastic waste is one of the biggest causes of environmental pollution in the world. A large part of it comes from the water bottles. Not anymore as a United Kingdom-based engineers have developed water bottles you can eat (no, we are not kidding).

Designed by Skipping Rock Lab, Ooho is an edible water bottle that looks like silica implants and is made from seaweed extracts. It is completely biodegradable and it disintegrates in 4-6 weeks just like a piece of fruit.

The interesting thing about Ooho is that it can be used to store both water and juice. To eat Ooho (or drink it) all you have to do is tear a hole in the packet and pour it in your mouth. But if you are feeling too lazy to do that, you can simply pop it in your mouth and voila! it’s done.

For those of you who are unsure about this eco-friendly product, Ooho has a gelatinous membrane which is made using a mixture of sodium alginate (seaweed extract) and calcium chloride.

And this is not even the coolest thing about it. Each packet can hold nearly 250 mL of water and it is cheaper than plastic (and environmental friendly of course!).

The team had first developed the sphere-like bottles in 2014 and since then they have perfected their technique and participated in a number of events to show their masterpiece to the public. The team is now looking for investors to bring their unique product to the market.

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“Ooho! is a sustainable packaging alternative to plastic bottles and cups, made from a seaweed extract. Our packaging is cheaper than plastic and can encapsulate any beverage including water, soft drinks, spirits, and even cosmetics,” its crowdfunding page reads.

So, are you ready to wait..drink..whatever Ooho?