How about having ice-cream for breakfast?

Next time someone questions you on eating ice-cream, you know what to say

Health experts often warn you against eating sugary delights first thing in the morning as they have been associated with type-2 diabetes, heart diseases and obesity, but what if having one such delight could make you smarter?

A Japenese researcher has found out that eating ice-cream for breakfast not only increases mental alertness but also reduces mental irritation (that’s right folks).

Professor Yoshihiko Koga of Tokyo’s Kyorin University carried out a series of clinical trials in which he asked his test subjects to eat ice-cream immediately after waking up. They were then put through a set of metal exercises on a computer. He tested another group that had normal breakfast .

So what did he find out?
Koga found out that the control group that ate ice-cream in breakfast not only exhibited faster reaction time but also performed better while processing new information, than the control group that ate normal breakfast. And when he examined the brain activity of his subjects, he discovered that people who ate ice-cream had increased levels of alpha-waves, the high-frequency waves that are associated with mental alertness and reduced irritation.

Koga then repeated his experiment with cold water. He found out that while people drinking cold water did out-performed people eating normal breakfast, the results were not as astonishing as the ones in case of ice-cream.

Does this mean that I can eat ice-cream every morning?
We’re not entirely sure if mental benefits of eating ice-cream in the breakfast outweigh the health impacts. For now, it’s safe to say that more research is required before you can include ice-cream in your breakfast menu.