Guess how much a honeymoon on the moon will cost?

Redefining romance with honeymoon on the moon!

Are you planning to go on a honeymoon? We have the perfect destination for you to visit with your better half.

Any guesses?

Well, instead of spending your time at boring destinations like Hawaii and Switzerland, how about taking an adventure trip straight to moon? Don’t look so confused coz a company called Moon Express is gearing up to send the common man to the moon making space tourism a reality.

What the hell is Moon Express?
Moon Express is a company born out of Google Lunar Xprize, that is offering $20 million to the mission that will land on the moon first. The mission has even secured approval from the US government. The company is currently focusing on sending a robotic rover to the moon next year.

How much will it cost?
The mission to the moon is scheduled to take its first batch of tourists in 2026 and will cost only $10,000 a person. In an interview to a leading English daily, Moon Express founder Naveen Jain said that while the mission to moon initially costed a whopping $25 million, the mission scheduled for next year will cost just $7 million. This cost will be reduced to only $10,000 in next ten years.

What about the time of travel?
According to Jain, with a more affordable trip, the travel time will also be reduced. The journey will take only 4 hours, which is significantly less than the time taken to travel between Mumbai and New York.

So, are you ready to take a trip to the moon?