Are you a night owl or a morning person? This test will help you find out

Are you a night owl?

Most of us are rather confused if we are a morning person or a night owl. Either you can spring out of your bed at the crack of dawn without an alarm clock forcing you out of your slumber or you need high doses of caffeine to even consider opening your eyes. Other than the obvious, there’s no sure shot way of finding out if your body clock savours the sunlight or if it loves the night.

Although, there are many quizzes available online, but most of these are not backed by scientific researches. But now researchers from the Ludwig Maximilians University of Munich have developed a full-proof method of helping you figure out the call of your body clock.

Chronobiologists Till Roenneberg and Martha Merrow have developed a quiz that takes your through a series of personal questions about your lifestyle to determine if you are a night owl or not. Your answers are compared to over 50,000 people who have participated in the quiz. But you don’t get the result immediately like other online quizzes (all that data analysis takes time!) and the result is mailed to you on your email address.

To give you a head start, the questions vary from your personal details and daily routine to your weekend schedule and your drinking habits (including alcohol and coffee). The questionnaire also asks you to give details about your work timings and the daily sunlight exposure you get.

Tip: Fill in the time in the 24-hour format and keep your calculator handy to convert your height and weight in centimetres and kilograms.

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