Quora users recall their worst travel experiences and we can totally relate to it

These travel horror stories will make you rethink your upcoming solo trip

Travelling in India can be both enriching, exhausting, exciting and even shocking for some. Be it men or women, both have to counter several awkward instances often making the travel extremely painful. Undoubtedly, women have to face the bigger chunk of these unfortunate situations. Say for instance you stay away from your hometown and are planning to travel solo for a trip back home, be rest assured that you will encounter at least one such incident where a creepy uncle or a pesky bus conductor passes off an inappropriate comment, making sure your mood is ruined for the remainder of your trip.

The stories of these disastrous travel experiences have been put together in this Quora thread: What are the worst travel experiences you have ever encountered?

From mouldy bathrooms, to black stuff on the wall of your hotel that you can’t put a name to, from the musty smell you can’t seem to get rid off to the uncouth travelers who have no sense of personal space, we all have would have encountered similar instances. If you felt like those were life-altering situations, wait till you read these stories that people shared online:

  1. When this girl got stung by a scorpion in rural Laos

2. When this girl had the weirdest encounter with a shady couple

3. The uncouth Ticket Collector

4. The time that the hotel room came with other roommates

5. When you can smell that ‘This doesn’t feel right.’

6. When a series of unfortunate events dampen your trip spirits


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This is the best example of Expectation vs. Reality


When nothing seems to be going right and you are hell bent on still trying to have fun, sometimes it is okay to accept that this trip wasn’t perhaps meant to go the way you had imagined it. Do not let your spirits be doused by creepy stalkers, unwanted attention from strange families and the broken promises of your hotel managers.


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