Pouts to Snaps: 7 things we wish millennials would stop obsessing over

Hashtags, check-ins, Snapchat and Instagram filters, Facebook likes, pouting selfies, there are so many things we are obsessed with and it's annoying AF.

How many of us have clicked a selfie just for the sake of uploading our display pictures on social media? How many of us have visited a restaurant and clicked pictures of food with more hashtags than the dish has ingredients? And how many of us have gone holidaying but more than enjoying the place and taking in its beauty, have clicked hundreds and thousands of photographs of ourselves, only because, social media. All this would definitely seem relatable to most of us, but wait there are a few things only and only millennials can stake their claim on.

There’s no doubt about the fact the the young generation is sharp and bright but obsessed with the things which are, more often than not completely superficial. Someone on Quora posted a question ‘What are the most overrated things among Indian teenagers’ but we think, more or less, it applies to every second youngster of the world today.

As we see Facebook timelines flooded with duck-faced selfies, Instagram updates, Snapchat filters, 20-year-olds boasting about their girlfriends/boyfriends/expensive gadgets and list goes on, we just cannot stop from wondering about the logic behind such craze.

Here’s a list of seven such outrageously annoying habits/things that teenagers/youngsters obsess over for God knows what.

1. Why don’t you ‘like’ me? 

Clicking a random photograph just because you think you are looking amazing and uploading it on Facebook for the world to see. Oops, not just SEE, to get more and more number of likes and comments.


2. Please give the duck its face back

Selfies have become a craze and only a selfie doesn’t suffice, making that ‘duck face’ is absolutely mandatory, even if that pout makes you look like you are demented.

As one Quora user says, ‘Just one question. Why?’


3. Everyone is a photographer 

Oh my god! This had to be on the list. Nowadays every second person in the world carries a DSLR camera and hopes to become the next Raghu Rai. Wait, no. Most of them probably don’t know who that is. They just want their own page on social media because a DSLR automatically guarantees talent.


4. Snapchat your life away

Literally nobody looks good with dog ears but (almost) everybody does it. One Snapchat filter landed All India Bakchod in legal trouble. But the fascination with Snapchat filters is completely beyond comprehension.


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5. Relationship updates on social media

Quorans seem to have more gyaan about this one.


6. No cheap gadgets please

Dude, if you do not earn the money yourself, could you please stop forcing your parents to spend over 80k on a phone?


 7. Gotta lose that damn virginity

What is so cool about losing one’s virginity, if we may ask? But boasting about hookups is the in-thing.


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(Source: Quora)

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