Popularity of Bol Na Aunty Aun Kya proves something is seriously wrong with young India

We have been justifying enjoyment in the name of cringe-pop and entertainment. Obviously, we have a long way to go before we come to our senses. Read on.

The Bol Na Aunty Aun Kya singer, Omprakash Mishra has announced the second part of his viral song and requested ‘his fans’ to give him a million views again. And does he need to request? Of course not. The self-proclaimed singer-music composer’s Bol Na Aunty Aun Kya song has suddenly gained popularity and garnered more than 3.3 million views on YouTube, despite being uploaded a year back. But the question here is why are we even surprised to know that the youngsters in Delhi, Mumbai and elsewhere are enjoying this song?

As of today, Omprakash Mishra has a fan following of only 15k on Facebook, which is way less than India’s another cringe-pop sensation Dhinchak Pooja’s 42k. However, unlike Mishra’s song, her songs are plain stupid and contain nothing offensive. But for us who enjoy listening to derogatory lyrics in Yo Yo Honey Singh and Baadshah’s songs, and help make the deeply misogynistic movies become Box Office hits, how are a few youngsters gathering for an event and shouting ‘Bol Na Aunty Aun Kya‘ surprising?

We have enjoyed songs like Jaadu Teri Nazar/Khushboo Tera Badan/Tu Haan Kar Ya Naa Kar/Tu Hai Meri Kiran (Darr), Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast (Mohra), Blue eyes hypnotise teri karti hai mainu/ I swear choti dress mein bomb lagdi mainu (Yo Yo Honey Singh), Lak 28 kudi da and 47 weight kudi da (Diljit Dosanjh and Yo Yo Honey Singh). So Omprakash Mishra’s may not be as ‘refined’ as these compositions, the difference is only that his song falls in the cringe-pop category. Another point that may go against him is that he is not a good singer. We agree, but then we have also seen random Bollywood actors lending their voice in the playback with the help of autotune.

With women, in general, getting increasingly trolled online for wearing certain clothes and speaking their mind, being killed in the name of family honour, finding it hard to deal with sexism at the workplace and with a large population finding it hard to understand the concepts of marital rape and feminism, is it really hard to understand why the youngsters enjoy a song like ‘Bol Na Aunty Aun Kya‘?

The beginning of Omprakash Mishra’s highly irksome song goes something like this: Bol na aunty aun kya/Ghanti main bajaun kya/ Sont (Shot) main lagaun kya. It may sound like someone is taking permission but isn’t it ‘also’ disturbing and are we so blind not to see he is mentioning ‘aunty’? Take a look at how the song goes: ‘Chote chote kapde me duniya tu ghume re/apne tu baap ke paise ye udaye re/teri to ghanti bajana aauntie meine thani hai/night me ye dekh meinu sot lagani hai/sot lagani hai.’ Nobody needs to be told these lyrics are obnoxious, and if we are justifying enjoyment in the name of cringe-pop (which we are), then obviously, we have a long way to go before we come to our senses.

Till then, there will be more singers like Omprakash Mishra and there will be more songs like Bol Na Aunty Aun Kya, and we will keep on celebrating their songs, oblivious to everything these songs are propagating – sexism, misogynism and rape culture.

Just in case, you haven’t heard the song: