Laila to Taare Gin Gin : 5 hit dance numbers whose lyrics you need to pay attention to

Five song lyrics that do not mean what you think they do!

Listening to music is probably something everybody loves. From weddings to birthday celebrations, celebrations are always incomplete without music. On television shows, even the funeral gets its own special background score. Travel in Delhi metro and you’ll find that at least 50% people with their headphones/earphones in. So we agree to agree that music truly plays a huge part in our lives, right? Okay then. So let’s move on the the issue concerning the music we hear nowadays. We hear songs on our TV screens, radio, our phones, hum / sing along and dance to them at parties. But how often do we pay attention to the lyrics? More often than not, the blockbuster hit number that’s on everybody’s lips turns out to have lyrics that are wholly inappropriate.

You must have danced on songs like ‘Taare gin gin yaadich tere’ but have you ever stopped to think about how depressing the song’s lyrics are? Way too many of these popular songs turn out to be racist, sexist and downright ridiculous but we don’t really notice what the words mean, do we?

Here we are with a list of certain ‘hit’ songs, the lyrics of which are disgusting.

#1 Hookah Bar

This song is totally senseless. In an era where we bleep out words by the dozen, how did this Himesh Reshammiya number get a green signal? The main line of the song has no meaning. Neither do the rest of it.

‘Teri akhiyon ka waar jaise sher ka shikar (YOU’RE DEAD THEN?)
Tera husn dhueydaar jaise jaltaa cigar (EH?)
Tere pyar ka nasha kabhi aar kabhi paar (WHAT?)
Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar hookah bar (NO)
Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar hookah bar’ (PLEASE GET HELP)


#2 Laila Teri Le Legi 

Starring Sunny Leone, John Abraham and Tusshar Kapoor, this song is innuendo central. And not in a good way. Who are these people who thought vulgarity can double as lyrics? Also who are these people who enjoyed it so much the song on Sony Music’s official page received over 21 million views!

‘Dil tera le legi
Jaan teri le legi
Imaan tera le legi
O Laila teri le legi
Tu likh ke le le’

Lyricists no longer have to have talent, we assume?


#3 Lak 28, kuri da 47 weight kudi da! 

This Honey Singh number is an example of shameless objectification of women. The entire song stresses upon a girl’s lak (waist) and her weight. You can actually find people who will debate if we should judge people with regard to their body figure but I bet, even they must have danced to this song at least once.

“Lak 28, kuri da 47 weight kuri da!
Lak 28 kuri da, 47 weight kuri da! Kuri da, kuri da 47 weight kuri da
Kade kol bulave, menu sinney lave”

So as far as a girl’s weight goes, 47 kgs is ideal is it? Not healthy, not according to her height – her waist must be 28 and her weight 47. Wow. Way to encourage eating disorders while also objectifying women.


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#4 Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan

There is no other way of saying it – this song starring Jacqueline Fernandez, from Roy is racist and promotes having fair skin in a country of dusky people.

‘Tu Leya De Meinu Golden Jhumke..
Main Kanna Vich Paavan Chum Chum Ke
Mann Jaa Ve… Mainu Shopping Kara De
Mann Jaa Ve… Romantic Picture Dikha De
Requestaan Paayiaan Ve..
Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan Ve
Oh Baby Meri Chittiyan Kalaiyan Ve
Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan Ve’
Someone please tell the lyricist that it’s 2017 and women shop for their own sh*t and are quite capable of watching a film or two on their own. As for her gore wrists – seriously? What strange fetish is this?


#5 Taare gin gin yaadich teri

You must have danced to this song for at least one in a lifetime. Right? There are no parties without the DJ playing Sukhbir’s hit number. This one isn’t racist, sexist or any other ‘ist’ but dude, it is just so sad! The lyrics are actually lamenting the loss of a guy’s beloved.

Tare gin gin yaadich teri main tan jaagan raatan noo
rokh na pawan akhiyan wichon ghum diyan barsaatan noo’

Meaning: I stay up all night counting the number of stars, thinking of you. I cannot stop the tears falling from my eyes’.

And what do we do when we hear this? OH HO HO HO! #SorryButWhat


So next time you dance or hum a song, try to find the meaning of its lyrics first.

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