5 most ridiculous matrimonial profiles which will definitely make you LOL hard

From 3-in-1 matrimonial ads to people looking for someone like goddess Lakshmi, these amusing matrimonial profiles will surely entertain you. Read on.

Matrimonial websites in India are undoubtedly one of the most sought after destinations for people who plan to have an arranged marriage. More often than not, people get their perfect match. But there are times when this exercise of finding brides and grooms also turns out to be a funny affair, thanks to the amazing profiles that people make on them. So much so that at times you are left wondering if they are fake.

Not just online, even newspapers have some of the funniest matrimonial profiles with the most bizarre descriptions and demands.

While on one hand, people try to portray themselves in the best way possible, sometimes they just get carried away. Quorans discussed this topic at length and came out with some amusing answers. Some of the Quora users shared examples of matrimonial profiles which will make you think: “What did I just read!” Seems like when these people were making their profiles on these sites, they must have been high on something. Think we are kidding? Read it yourself to believe it.

Some of the responses are outrageously hilarious, for instance, someone came across a profile of a guy who filled the partner preference column with “Should be soft and sweet like goddess Lakshmi …” Dude, really? When did you meet goddess Lakshmi?

Here are some of the responses:

1. A Quora user came across a profile of this woman and we only feel sorry for her ‘future spouse’.

Ridiculous Matrimonial profiles

“My future spouse should be chaste & virtuous like Lord SRI RAMA. He should take care of me like an infant, give first priority for me & fulfill my all requirements with good understanding. He should love me till his last breath & even after his death. He should do everything what I tell, like my puppet.” Hello, WHATT?



2. The 3-in-1 matrimonial ad is really good.

Ridiculous Matrimonial profiles




3. This is a genuine concern we would say. A Quora user put out a random profile description while looking through various matrimonial ads and found this. We can’t stop ROFL-ing.

Ridiculous Matrimonial profiles



4. Anyone for English classes? 

“I see life in a simple way having a nuance of chiaroscuro where being thyself hold good than analyzing the repercussion. I believe in subtleness and substance more imperative towards life. Care and affection are always my mantras to lead a pleasant life…” Bro. Please chill.

Ridiculous Matrimonial profiles


5. “Should be soft and sweet like goddess Lakshmi”

Ridiculous Matrimonial profiles



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