Polaroid's new camera will make you feel nostalgic

Polaroid is coming up with a new camera on its 80th anniversary and we are already excited about it

The iconic Polaroid camera, that enabled us to click and print photos instantly, has got a twist of fate and it has washed us over with a wave of nostalgia. On its 80th anniversary, the brand decided to reinvent its generations-old camera fusing its classic style with the modern technology.

Presenting Polaroid Pop, a digital camera that lets you print images on the company’s classic format instantly.

At the heart of Polaroid Pop lies a 20-megapixel CMOS sensor with a dual LED flash. The digital camera also features a 3.97-inch touchscreen LCD for framing shots and navigating the camera’s menu. Polaroid Pop uses water and tear resistant zero ink technology to print high-quality images in the company’s iconic 3*4 inch format.

The cool thing about the new camera is the fact that while the company has retained its classic border, the camera offers three colour modes– black and white, colour, and vintage sepia to give its users that iconic look and feel. The images come with a sticker back so that you can place all your memories right where you remember them.


Polaroid camera (Photo: Polaroid)

What’s more? The Polaroid Pop easily connects to a mobile phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, transforming the camera into an instant printer. You can even edit the images using the app that is available for download for iOS and Android both.

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Although the company hasn’t revealed the price yet, but the camera is likely to cost around $200 and the plan is to release the camera in late 2017. So you photo-buffs, gear up coz daddy’s comin’ home!