Photos: This dragon frappuccino will make your inner Khaleesi very, very happy

The internet finds something new to obsess over almost every week. For the better part of 2017, we have had so many unicorn trends that it has been hard to keep up. Or digest. Or watch. Or even ignore. Because what even is going on here? Rainbow-coloured makeup to clothes to food to ice cream to drinks – we’ve seen it all. In the midst of this madness, we came across Goth ice cream and life has not been the same ever since.

While Goth ice cream made our inner Poe happy, looks like there is now a new trend to make our inner nerd freak out too. Think Unicorn Frappuccinos were life-changing? Then you haven’t seen the stuff Dragon Frappuccinos are made of. Tired of constantly churning out rainbow-hued frappes by the minute, a Starbucks barista came up with an idea that would make every Game of Thrones fan obscenely excited.

Can you tame the dragon??# Come on down and try our newest creation! #clearwaterbeach #starbucks #partnercreation #dragonfrappuccino

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The frappuccino is made of ‘green tea, vanilla bean, berry drizzle, topped with green tea whipped cream’ according to this Starbucks Instagram account. The frappe is minty green with splashes of purple and will give you some serious Drogon-vibes. Want to feel like Khaleesi for a bit? Get a Dragon Frappuccino to give you company.

Looks healthy, but don’t count that against the poor dragon:

A Starbucks created this to replace the unicorn frappuccino so we duplicated it and it’s yummy!!! #dragonfrappuccino

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This one looks more Dragonheart, than Drogon.

Viserion, that you?


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Thank you for a trend we can finally get behind, internet.