Patanjali Clarifies It's Not Launching Swadeshi SIM Cards, But Twitter Is Not Convinced

The news of Yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali making inroads in telecom sector broke on Monday. There were reports of Swadeshi SIM being launched in partnership with BSNL with a Rs 144 plan. However, later it was confirmed that the reports were false.

As per a report in the Indian Express, the news was misconstrued as the BSNL and Patanjali tie-up is for employees. Patanjali has issued a statement saying that the information was incorrect and it further adds, “Patanjali has collaborated with BSNL for low rate calls, and other benefits, for its own workers across the country.”

According to a press release from Patanjali, ‘Swadeshi’ initiative is only for the employees of the company across the country. The plan includes low rate calls and other benefits. This new BSNL plan is for Rs 144 and will give Patanjali employees unlimited calls on local and STD, roaming on all sectors, 2GB of data per day along with 100 SMS free per day.

Though we know the news isn’t true, Twitter came up with hilarious one-liners about the ‘partnership’

1. Means more trees?

2. One SIM, many flavors!

3. Get. Set. Go

4. Go Yoga way!

5. Get that clear!

6. Gaumutra solves everything

7. Wink wink!

8. Fitness, you know!

9. Now you know all the asanas

10. In case you had further questions.