Now, Nagpur Police Joins The Radhika Apte Twitter Battle To Say That It's 'Omnipresent'

It's no more Netflix India vs Zomato, city police Twitter handles join the battle too.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, then you must have seen those ‘Radhika Apte’, ‘Netflix’ and ‘Omnipresent’ memes till now. The war, started by some meme and Netflix lovers, has now involved some major brands as well.

So after the release of Ghoul, when people started trolling Radhika Apte for being all over Netflix, the streaming service hit back with the amazing response. Netflix released a spoof movie poster and video called Omnipresent. However, it started another meme-war on Twitter.

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Soon food delivery app Zomato responded with a hilarious tweet: “And you thought only Radhika is versatile,” they joked, sharing a graphic on paneer.

To which Netflix had another well-thoughted reply: “Well, she is everywhere.”

While the war was on, Ahmedabad Police used the Netflix-Zomato debate to urge people to follow rules and regulations:

Not Ahmedabad, Nagpur City Police too came up with a response. They posted on their official Twitter handle and earned major brownie points on the field, “We here are binge-watching our territory, 24×7…”

As soon as they tweeted, it went viral and people started appreciating it. Well, Twitter declared them the winner.