Miracles do happen! Mom saves 10-year-old son battling Cancer by giving him weed

Her 10-year-old son who was battling Cancer was suffering from excruciating pain. She went on to give weed to ease his pain and miraculously recover him

Cancer is one of the most deadliest diseases in the world. Nobody can really imagine the pain to watch your loved one go through something as painful as Cancer. When this mother found a way that may be questioned by a lot of people to put her 10-year-old son out of his misery, she went ahead with it. This woman from the UK gave her 10-year-old Cancer-stricken weed to ease his pain.

Whether Cannabis can cure Cancer and other disease is debated topic. A number of researchers have claimed that Marijuana kill Cancer cells. However, we still cannot confirm the effectivity of the same. Deryn Blackwell was undergoing excruciating pain after he was diagnosed with two forms of Cancer. His mother asserted that his nails were peeling off and nauseous mostly all the time.

“Please tell them to cut my hand off, Mum. I can’t take this any more,” Callie Blackwell’s son would tell her mom every now and then. Unable to watch her son crying in pain, Callie started frantically researching ways to ease his pain and read on the internet that Cannabis could possibly. Motivated to cure her son, Callie went on to buy weed from a dealer.

“I thought: ‘what have I got to lose? He’s dying anyway’. The effects of it blew my mind. It wasn’t what I expected,” she said. She even asked the doctor if it would help. But the doctor refused to take a guarantee while asserting that she wouldn’t prescribe it for children. Surprisingly, as Deryn took his first puff, he claimed that his pain was getting better. His doctor had no clue how he miraculously recovered.

Despite the fear that Deryn might get addicted to it, she didn’t stop giving it to him after watching how it helped him get better in the coming days.

Even though she believes that it was the weed that miraculously helped Deryn cure Cancer, Doctors are unsure whether it was the Cannabis who played a major role in curing him. Either way, Deryn is now 17 and pursuing a career in hotel management.