Lola Kutty, AKA Anu Menon's stand-up act about her mother-in-law will tickle your funny bone

Our very own Lola Kutty is back with a stand-up comedy act 'Mum-in-Law and Mmmmm...Me', where she speaks about life after marriage

What do all the married woman have in common, a doting mother-in-law? Yes, no, maybe? Anuradha Menon, last known for her antics as the popular VJ Lola Kutty, is back and all the bahus out there are giggling along with her. In India, a girl gets married, leaves her home and family and goes ahead to make her husband’s family her own, it is quite simple, isn’t it? Guessing by that logic, his parents are then going to be her parents. Anu Menon discusses the dilemma of what to call your mother–in-law as she weaves her story into this stand-up comedy act.

With marriage comes in-laws. The eccentric bahu, Anu, talks about the first woman in her husband’s life, which is not any ex-girlfriend but her husband’s mother. And as you are laughing with Lola about her mother-in-law woes, this woman of her Channel V fame, recounts how her mother-in-law expects her to call her, wait for it, “Mummy.” It is a predicament that perhaps all millennial daughter-in-law’s face, they would feel like they were cheating on their own parents. And so the formal Uncle and Aunty becomes a norm. Of course, the bahu  doesn’t find any problem with that, but considering the couture of the society they live in, surely that is not acceptable.

“Do you have in-laws?” she asks the audience. “Do they like you?” she blurts, because that seems to be an unusual, occurrence, or at least it is for Anu Menon. Drawing from the bucket of her personal experience, Anu tells a tale where her overly protective mother-in-law would repeatedly call her husband to check up on in him. That would be normal in any other circumstances, but 10 times a day, well, that’s something! Married to a Gujarati, Anu feels half her battle was lost at the word go and as she gives her witty testimony, all the daughter-in-laws are nodding in the audience. Yes, they have had similar experiences and yes they can totally relate to it.

We know her as the slapstick oily-haired, heavily-accented Mallu girl clad in Kanjeevaram saris, adjusting her bespectacled face and the jasmine flowers in her hair. But this Anu is different from the one we had grown to love with her street style humour and hilarious antics.

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