Justin Trudeau's Eyebrows 'Fall Off', Twitter Cannot Stop Talking About 'Eyebrow Malfunction'

‘Tis the season for politicians to be in the spotlight for bizarre things. Somebody said that the founder of Coca-Cola started by making shikanji, while other spoke about pakodas. But who would have thought that Canadian PM Justin Trudeau will get all the attention without even making any statement?

The latest edition of the G7 summit was held in Quebec, Canada and Justin Trudeau was the host. After the summit, he attended a press conference and, instead of his speech, his eyebrows grabbed all the attention. A video has gone viral which shows Trudeau’s eyebrow looking like they’re about to’fall off’ his face. Who knew eyebrow malfunction could also be a thing?

Is this really funny?

Trump’s superpower involved?

Same question

Is it really a big deal?

Same to same. But just at 4am


Some called it a trick of the light

The debate soon settled with proper evidence.

Coincidentally the scandal came just after President Donald Trump slammed Trudeau.