Hilarious tweets by single people about Valentine's Day that'll make you laugh-cry

Even though all us pretend to be a bunch of emotionless badasses, let’s accept it- being single on Valentine’s day does sting a little.

As if you weren’t already aware of your single status (thanks dad), Valentine’s Day arrives with the onslaught of adorable couple pictures on social media. We know it ain’t easy being alone on Valentine’s Day, but as they say misery loves company. We’re sure you can get some consolation from knowing that other single people are alone on Valentine’s Day too. Here are the funniest tweets from all the single people gearing up for a lonely Valentine’s day:

All my single fellas!

If single people were president:

*Plays Iron Maiden in the background*

Pamper yourself like a goddamn boss:

*Calls up Drake on his cellphone*

Priorities, people.

This one’s a real tear-jerker:

RIP to all the students who can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, cuz it’ on a weekday:

Har Har Mahadev, cuz screw paschimi sabhyata:

Time for a reality check, ya’ll:

Just keep your phone switch off plz:

P.S: Don’t worry, Singles Awareness Day is right around the corner!