Friendship Day 2017: This video will make you realise that friends are not meant to be 'ditched'

On Friendship Day, we all reminisce the madness we had with our crazy friends. Watch this video for understanding what true friendship is.

It’s that time of the year again when we celebrate the best thing that ever happened to us – Friendship. The days holds a special place in our life, to make our friends feel special, we tie a band around their wrists and exchange gifts.

On Friendship Day, we all reminisce the madness we had with our crazy friends. The companion we had in our happiness as well as sadness. They are the one who loves you unconditionally.

Every friendship has one common thing, and that is – friends fight; it’s inevitable. You will even find yourself arguing with your best friend more than anyone else. That doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not your truest BFF. However, sometimes, our actions can hurt the sentiments of our true friend. We may not realise it at that point of time, but if confusion is not sorted out, then it may complicate further and a day comes when everything is over!

To make you understand the importance of friendship, Terribly Tiny Tales (TTT) has released an experimental video series (Unsaid) , which’ll definitely help you understand the aspects of friendship.

This format is an experiment with intent to be candid with faceless confessions of things in a friendship that are left unsaid. The effort with this experiment is to move beyond the face of the narrator/performer and engage with the story itself, which explains its treatment and form.

“Best friends and forevers go hand in hand. Or do they? Sometimes, there’s a lot we want to say but just can’t. Whether someone’s listening or not, with Terribly Tiny Tales [unsaid], we’re saying it,” reads the video description.

In the video, the girl talks about her BFF ditching her, just because her boyfriend didn’t like her!

She says, “Remember the time you called up me up after six months. We spoke for more than an hour just like we used to. We said that nothing has changed between us because we had a 3-year strong friendship behind us. But here’s the thing – it tore me when you told me that you only decided to talk to me because the boyfriend who hated me and had forbidden you to talk to me had said his goodbye.”

“I hated it that after six months you decided to come back to me when you never really chose me in the first place,” she further added.

You can watch the entire video here:

Video Courtesy: YouTube

With this, TTT has truly given a wonderful message for all the people out there. Think again, and if you feel you are doing something of this sort with your friend, then immediately stop doing it, because friends are meant to stay forever!

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