#Dontdrinkandrive: UP Police's Dabangg message to drunk drivers will keep revellers on their toes

UP Police came up with a quirky tweet against drunk driving.

It is the last day of the year and, of course, everyone out is partying. But, amid all the frenzy around the New Year’s Eve, our law enforcement agencies are gearing up to ensure that the party animals enjoy but not at the expense of the law.

In that spirit, many social media savvy police departments across the country have come up with campaigns to curb this season’s biggest menace i.e. drunken driving.

This is how the men in uniform decided to caution partygoers:



Bengaluru Police clearly cranked it up a notch:

All the message are straight in order to make sure that it is received loud and clear. However, it was Uttar Pradesh Police which stood apart with its Dabangg-styled-quirky warning:


Translation: We shall put in place so many roadblocks today that you’ll get confused where to enter or where to exit from. Those who have watched Dabangg will know how iconic this line is and UP Police has clearly nailed it.

This quip definitely earned them many followers as Twitter gave them an A for effort: