'Don’t Worry About Money, Just Travel', and other terrible travel advice you should ignore

Why can't people give decent travel advice? This Quora post recounts the worst suggestions that have been given to travelers

We all love to travel and whenever there is an upcoming trip, people will throng you with advice that they seem to think is priceless. And by people we mean family and by family we mean our mothers who make it a point to fuss over us even if they are sitting far away from us and have to ensure that we survive the disaster that our trip is going to be.

This Quora post lists the weirdest and worrisome advice received by people who are about to embark on their trips. Titled What is the worst travel advice you’ve ever received? this post has something for every type of traveller. Advice that may not necessarily be useful or uplifting. This horrible travel advice routine has people wondering what to do and what not to do on their trips. As if they weren’t already nervous about the upcoming expedition, the well-wishers seem to have the best interest of the travelers at heart, but they only end up irritating the person who has meticulously planned the trip of their dreams.

This one girl, RR Alves, lists the worst travel advice she has ever received before going on a trip and sums up the feelings of every irate fellow traveller ever:

1.When the biggest threat in any city is ….

2. When you are told that you may get killed

3. And kidnapping is a possibility you can’t rule out 

4. When you are forbidden from traveling alone

5. When people expect you to shop till you drop and you can’t see the point

6. Historical places and regular tourist-y things don’t need your attention

7. And this one advice which says that you should only travel once you have retired and not before 

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This one Quora user, Anya Mary, had the craziest experience when she decided to take some advice she had received on the internet before a trip to France  

Before the trip, I read somewhere that you can skip buying bus tickets if all you need is to ride a few stops. The advice also mentioned that if caught, just speak your local language and pretend you don’t understand. Because you are foreigner, they won’t issue a fine (and even if they do, it will eventually expire). Big mistake. Not only did the French speak very well English, they also demanded our passports and took us off the bus. So in order to get out of bigger trouble with police, we paid the 40€ fine in cash. Lesson learned!

So the next time someone offers you travel advice, check with the locals beforehand and experience it for yourself first.

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