Watch: Yesteryear wild child Lindsay Lohan tells Arabic talk show how Islam helped her find peace

Lindsay Lohan previously wiped clean her Instagram and posted 'Alaikum salam'.

Not very long back, controversy’s favourite child Lindsay Lohan deleted everything on her Instagram and began afresh with the message ‘Alaikum salam’. Even earlier, paparazzi clicked Lohan with a Quran in her hand and she faced considerable backlash for it. Though there is no official confirmation about whether or not she has converted to Islam, the actor sparked fresh speculation by appearing on an Arabic talk show and talking fondly about the religion.

The Mean Girls star appeared on the Arab talk show Swar Shoaib which airs exclusively on YouTube. Swar Shoaib is shot in Kuwait and hosted by Shoaib Rashid. Lohan also shared a photo of her interaction with Swar Shoaib later on Instagram. In this video uploaded by Offensive Videos, you can watch Lindsay’s part in the show.

On being asked about what she has to say about the time she was photographed with a Quran, the actress says people in America did not like it even though she denied getting photographed with it intentionally. She spoke about how a friend gave it to her and she was reading it at the time, hence explaining why she had it in her hand.

Lindsay also spoke of how fifteen pages into the Quran she feels a sense of calm when she reads it and finds solace in it. She told Shoaib how she fasted for three days during Ramadan and it was hard but felt great. The host was quick to take her case on why she did it for just three days if it was that good to which Lohan replied saying ‘it was my first time’.

While nothing can be said about whether or not Lohan is considering a conversion to Islam, this comes as a stark contrast to her in and out of rehab image. The actor has hit headline several times for her legal battles and rehab stints. The host kept the interview more light-hearted than probing and it ended with the two sharing rice and red meat which Lohan ate using her hands. Here is the full interview and Lindsay’s interview kicks off at 18: 20.

On an ending note, the host said Lindsay, see you in Heaven Insha’Allah which threw the actor slightly off balance and she was quick to hope it’s not too soon. With Lindsay’s new fixation with Islam, do you think a news of her conversion might soon be incoming? Tell us in the comments section below.