Vijay Goel causes stir by blindfolding himself at cricket event for visually impaired

Twitter's most trolled minister is back and this time it's for his insensitive actions at an event for the visually impaired. He says he was asked to blindfold himself and play cricket , but should he have?

It looks like Union minister of youth affairs and sports Vijay Goel is steadily becoming one of the most trolled ministers in PM Narendra Modi’s cabinet. He has been building up quite a reputation for himself when it comes to goofing up. Post his Twitter spat with Dangal actor Zaira Wasim just last week, Goel has landed himself in yet another controversy wherein he’s being trolled for being insensitive to the visually challenged.

How? Here’s the story:

On Sunday (January 29) he inaugurated the 2nd T20 World Cup Championship for the Blind. As part of the event, the minister blindfolded himself to play a bit of cricket. A photograph of the event was shared by PIB India on its Twitter handle, which shows a blindfolded Goel – surrounded by officials – swinging the bat. Soon, the minister was called out by the Twitterati for his insensitivity towards those who are blind. As people started pointing out the debacle, Twitterati lashed out at him and the trolling began:

He came out to defend himself by posting a picture of Indian cricketers doing the same and attempted to explain his actions by saying that he was requested to play in such a state as an encouragement to the visually impaired players.

He also took it upon himself to reply to the Twitter trolls:

What are your thoughts on the minister’s actions?