Twitter reacts To Kim Kardashian's Savage Tweet Related To The Refugee Ban

Kim Kardashian took a break from her selfies to take a political stand and spoke against the Refugee ban. Twitter is pleasantly surprised by her views.

We all know that Kim Kardashian West is pretty active on Twitter.

Right from selfies to good night quotes, Kim posts everything on the internet.
But here’s a brand new version of her- Political Kim!
We never though Kim would come out to take a stand on the current political scenario in the United States of America, but she has surprised us yet again. And with the kind of influence she has, it’s good to see her use it to speak up and stand for humanitarian causes.

The Cato Institute published a study of the chances of death by a foreign-born terrorist, and the percentages are very, very slim.

Kim took to Twitter to bring these stats to light, and by doing so she caused a Twitter Frenzy:

On 28th January, she tweeted:


And Twitter was extremely happy to see her take a stand:

People were quick to point out that her husband Kanye West is an open Trump supporter:

But she was defended by people saying that she is entitled to her opinion and doesn’t need to be influenced by Kanya or his political inclinations.

And as always, there were GIFs:

Kim also retweeted Kal Penn’s crowdrise fundraiser for the International Rescue Committee, proving that there’s no stopping Kim from saying what’s on her mind!


Your thoughts?