This picture of Justin Bieber's concert is going viral for all the right reason

After standing for long hours in harsh heat and quenching their thirst with several packaged mineral water, these Justin Bieber fans threw their empty bottles on the road

Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber concert at Mumbai as part of his Purpose Tour didn’t go down well with many as they took to social media to criticise him over his alleged lip syncing. Meanwhile, there were others who threw limelight upon the concerning issue of garbage being scattered at the venue—youths’ shameful hypocrisy and abstraction from the much appreciated Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

On May 10, thousands of Justin Bieber fans had since morning gathered for his gig outside the DY Patil Stadium in Navi Mumbai which started at around 7 pm. Several youngsters waited under the scorching sun in a long queue standing without any complaint to get inside a gate which was officially opened at around 3.30 pm.

The illegal vendors started selling water and snacks outside the stadium which was neglected by police as there were traffic and chaos because of the overwhelming crowd. After standing for long hours in harsh heat and quenching their thirst with several packaged mineral water, these youngsters threw their empty bottles on the road as they couldn’t spot a dustbin. The garbage grew with time and soon enough, there was enormous filth on the ground with empty water bottles and wrappers abound on the road.

A Facebook post bringing to fore the same impounding issue has been going viral and was shared by more than 5,500 people talking about the hypocrisy shown by the youngsters who are at their intellectual best on social media but fail when it comes to doing their own bit to the environment.

The event, which was organised by White Fox, charged an exorbitant price for the tickets. However, there were no dustbins to be seen and people threw the food leftovers all over the place, Vanshika Sharma, a fan at the event, told The Indian Express. It was a filthy sight and really not worth an international concert. Even the washrooms were dirty and not fit to use.”

“There were dustbins initially but once they got full they were not replaced. People left the plates around and the housekeeping staff eventually picked them up,” a food stall staff added.

In all this mess, the idea of ‘Swachh Bharat’ was clearly missed by many and the youngsters didn’t even notice that. Dear millennials, it’s high time we give a serious thought to it.