Sachin Tendulkar's reply to this fan's letter on Instagram will warm your heart

Master Blaster continues to win hearts

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar, also popular as the God of Cricket, might have retired from the playing field for years now but continues to rule the hearts of his fans with his sweet gestures. Recently, when a fan sent Sachin a hand-written letter expressing fondness for him and his cricket, the legendary cricketer responded to it with a post on his Instagram account in the most adorable way.

Karan Gandhi wrote a letter from the US telling Sachin that he grew up watching his game and has always admired him for his sportsmanship and work ethic on the field. Karan went on to say how honoured he feels to be a Sachin-fan. Before ending his letter, Karan wrote ‘I would love to receive a letter from you…I’d really cherish that letter’. He wouldn’t have expected such an unexpectedly sweet response from Sachin. Sachin posted a picture of Karan’s hand-written letter on his Instagram and responded to it saying ‘Thank you for the letter, Karan Gandhi! I’m sure your childhood tuition teacher mustn’t have been too happy when ODI matches were on.’
Karan must have been the happiest receiving this from someone he looks upto. Not just Karan, all of Sachin fans started replying on Sachin’s post until it went viral. And, that’s not a surprise.
Here’s Sachin’s Instagram post: