Rakhi Sawant now wants PM Narendra Modi to 'rescue' her. Find out why

Modiji, are you listening?

Rakhi is in the news again. After being arrested, not arrested, arrested and not arrested again, she is finally speaking out on the whole controversy and ooh boy does she have things to say! ‘Media ki beti’ aka Rakhi Sawant was absconding, pleading for bail and under arrest- all at the same time. There were reports that stated that a court in Punjab issued an arrest warrant after Rakhi failed to appear before the court for trial on March 9, but these reports were labelled ‘false’ the very next day!

Then there were reports that she has been arrested, but she appeared with her ‘waxed legs’ on Instagram to let people know she’s still a free bird. This left the nation very very confused and her bizarre ‘I’m tayad in jail guiess‘ vlogs just added to the dilemma.

To set the record straight once and for all, Rakhi sat down with The Indian Express to discuss life, jail and chitting. Check out what she had to say:

Rakhi says she was never running. She was never jailed. There was no warrant. So what is the news even about? “Main cheenk bhi du na, wo bhi news bann jayega” says an irritated Rakhi.

Rakhi added that her family is deeply perturbed due to these fake reports, and she wants VIP security because she has been threatened by a religious group. She is ready to surrender if her security is taken care of, and is requesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to rescue her from this situation!

Her Instagram is a pretty different story though. She is seen here mocking the entire ‘jail’ situation:

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We’re extremely tayad of the entire jail/not jailed debacle. What are your thoughts on the entire Rakhi Sawant fiasco? Tell us!