KRK talks about his love story, Twitter says they found the sequel to Half Girlfriend

KRK shared too much information about his love story on Twitter and mentioned '2RsPpl' too. Social media obviously did not take it well.

Kamaal R Khan, aka our very own KRK, decided to talk about his wife and his married life without zero prompting. In a series of seven tweets, KRK shared details about how he met his wife, how he proposed to her and how she finally gave in and married him. We can’t be sure if all that is true, but if he says so, we’re going to go ahead and believe it. But for once if we just believe his love story, and because some of the details aren’t very clear in his tweets, KRK seems like a bit of a stalker.

KRK has shared pictures of his family — his wife and two kids on social media and maybe he wanted to tell his fans and followers about how he met and wooed her. Apparently KRK met his wife, while she was in the company of her father at Mumbai’s Santa Cruz. Then, ‘somehow’ he got her number and called her, which only sounds creepy.

KRK Family

He further shares what her wife ‘thought about Muslims’, which suggests she doesn’t belong to the same faith as KRK and also that she wanted to be sure that he doesn’t drink. Things get a bit more personal after this as he goes on to share how he helped his wife’s family members financially. Umm.. too much information KRK?

The only thing that can actually be appreciated in his tweets is where he mentions that he ‘never taught his children anything about religion but human values’. But KRK wouldn’t be KRK if he doesn’t mention #2RsPpl, read on to know who earned the moniker now:

KRK with his son, Faisal

Here is the series of tweets about how his love story unfolded:

1. Nation wants to know who are those people:

2. That seems plain creepy:

3. She was convinced but there was a ‘but’. No hard feelings KRK. LOL.

4. We believe you KRK and your greatness is praiseworthy :

5.  The greatness doesn’t stop there:

6. 🙂

7. And the stunning ending:

And ofcourse, Twitter could not hold itself back after reading KRK’s heart-rending love story, this is what some of them had to say:

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