Justin Bieber forgets lyrics of Despacito, makes up words. Mumbai, you're lucky he was lip syncing

Looks like we've cracked the mystery behind why Justin Bieber lip syncs

Of late, Justin Bieber has managed to remain in news not for his songs but for everything apart from that. After his over-hyped event in Mumbai, India which was attended by a lot of Bollywood celebrities and his fans, the general feeling about the singer isn’t one of love. While performing at a New York pub, the Baby singer forgot the lyrics of the superhit Spanish song, Despicato. Does it ring a bell? Yes, it happens to him quite a lot.

While it continues to remain an unsolved mystery as to how can someone not remember the lyrics of his/her own songs, it is even a bigger mystery, why would someone want to spoil their own song with some gibberish?

Despicato is a Spanish song by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber. The song that came out in April 2017 went on to become a chartbuster in no time.

So, while performing at this New York pub recently, Bieber blanked out and stood on stage completely clueless about what the lyrics of Despicato were, even though it was playing in the pub. In the video posted by one Shay Rauhl on Twitter, Bieber can be heard singing ‘I don’t know the words so i say Mojito’ or something to that effect and then, some absolute gibberish. He holds out the mike towards people around if they remember it but with no luck in sight and no one to his rescue, he finally starts singing ‘Blah blah blah blah…’

Watch the hilarious video clip here: