'Is Sonu Nigam trying to hit the right note?' Renuka Shahane's post on the azaan row is going viral

Renuka Shahane gives her two cents on the azaan row and Sonu Nigam's intentions.

Actress Renuka Shahane wrote a detailed Facebook post expressing her views about what she thinks of the azaan and bhajans playing on loudspeakers, which is now going viral. The actress, apart from sharing her own childhood experience in Hyderabad, agrees to disagree with Sonu’s views, but gentle, generous sugar coating. Or so it seems.

Sonu Nigam, recently, tweeted saying how his sleep was disturbed by the noise of morning azaan coming from a mosque near his house, after which he was massively trolled on Twitter. Although he even got support from some of the people on Twitter, Sonu clarified that he did not mean to target a particular religion. In fact, he had mentioned in his tweets how he doesn’t fancy the idea of loudspeakers on temples, gurdwaras, churches and mosques.

Renuka Shahane wrote a post last night detailing how, as a kid she was also woken up by the music of M S Subbulakshmi’s bhajans coming from a nearby Sri Venkateshwara temple. In this cacophany of illogical debates which have followed after Sonu Nigam’s tweets, Shahane’s post seems mostly personal and somewhat sarcastic.

By the end of  her long, and very detailed post, she makes it clear that while Sonu Nigam does have the right to put forward his opinions, but the ‘manner and tone’ in which he said that was not correct. She ends her post with a line doubting that Sonu Nigam may have done this to show his ‘inclination’ towards joining politics. The last line reads ‘ It could perhaps be the only false note in Sonu’s entire rich musical career! Or maybe he’s trying to hit the ‘right’ note??’

You can read Renuka Shahane’s post here: