Is Shah Rukh Khan the wittiest Bollywood star? We'll let these 10 tweets answer that

Onscreen, off-screen or on social media, Shah Rukh Khan has been a total entertainer and totally owns his stardom, with his unparalled wit and humour. Entertain yourself with some of his wittiest tweets ever!

Shah Rukh Khan is known for his unparalleled wit and humour. Ask him any question and rest assured you’ll get an answer you’ll enjoy. Be it onscreen or off-screen, or in the recent past – on social media – this one has been a total entertainer and totally owns his stardom. He’s refreshingly upfront about how proud he is of everything he has achieved (as is right). Time and again, he likes to reiterate his King of Bollywood and we’re pretty sure everyone agrees.

Although he has been one of the least controversial stars, and is known for being a private family man, he has still somehow managed to remain in the news pretty much always, whether it was during his spat with Salman Khan or the unfortunate incident at the US airport. But Shah Rukh Khan being what he is always has a funny take on each and every situation in his life. So, once, when a journalist asked him if his relationship with Salman Khan was ‘going well now’ (after the two appeared came together during a function), Shah Rukh was quick to reply with “Yeah, it’s going really well. We are planning to have a baby together soon.” That’s Shah Rukh Khan for you.

His Twitter feed is full of witty responses to fans and friends alike, and he makes sure to entertain you each time and we’re impressed. Take a look:

1. Totally relatable to that one friend who keeps repeating his old jokes thinking it’ll sound funny.

2. Even Aloe Vera won’t help with that burn

3. When social problems can take a back seat

4. Brutally honest

5. That’s why they say, ‘always construct your questions properly’

6. No words for this one. We love the pun, whatsoever.

7. Only die-hard SRK fans and cricket lovers would get this one.  

8. Imtiaz Ali would definitely have to say something to this, so do Indian media organisations.

9. That can without doubt be labelled as the sweetest tweet ever

10. Do you also think he did it himself?

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Shah Rukh Khan, dooode you totally rock!